The association

To concretize the concept, the decision is made : Welcome to the association “TOUS GROS DEMAIN?” on the first of december in 2012.

The association with the law in force of the first of july 1901 and the decree of 16th august 1901. It will promote as possible the ideas from the book of Pierre WEILL “Tous gros demain?” with the help of plays to make aware different public from France and from abroad.




  • President : Thierry Guicheteau
  • Trésorière : Annaïck Guicheteau
  • Secrétaire : Pauline Guicheteau
  • Secrétaire adjointe : Odile Cottineau




  • The active members are the ones who are currently giving/putting an amount of 10€ as a subscription.
  • The official members are the ones which are actors in the play, they don’t have any dues to put.
  • The memorable members are the people providing services for the association, they don’t have any dues to put.
  • The benefactor members are the people paying an extra entrance fee of 100€ and an annual subscription of 10€.



Membership/loyalty card

For each person willing to join the association, a named card will be provided.
To become a member, do not forget to contact us on the website or by

carte d'adhérentjpg