The book


40 years of lies, 22lbs of overweight

Since the doctor Thierry Guicheteau has read the book, he always wanted to create this project. This book is/represents the main source of inspiration of the play.
The author, Pierre Weill, researcher and agronomist, worked for fifteen years on the link between the methods of farming/agricultural production and health. He wrote numerous scientific papers on the subject.

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The book Tous Gros Demain ?

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If nothing changes, we all will be obese tomorrow, but we eat less and less though. Junk food? Inactive and sedentary ? Not only.
– How does the mother’s milk could change its composition in forty years and transform our babies, then our children, too fat?
– What were the economics reasons of the worrying and growing difference between our genes and our diet?
– For what reason/powerful interests the only nutritional thinking with its devastator’s effect has landed?

Analyzing/ Summarizing the consequences of forty years of nutritional bad habits, this book, in its case/point of view very/quietly/surely optimistic, is carrying realistic solutions teaching us how to consume better to avoid the “Every body fat tomorrow”.

Extract/piece from the book

The shocking failure of politician and its prevention/warning policies

Global epidemic/disease, great national cause, the problem can’t be hidden, and everywhere in the world people are getting together to struggle/fight against this “curse”, with means, some good will, and with perseverance. Individual patterns are questioned, the attitude of the Industry, retailers, advertisers.. But always without a success. So why?
Why the curse is still growing?
Why nothing can/is able to stop it?
Why are we becoming fatter and fatter earlier?
Why those repeated fails from the politic

The story of obesity, its development, its view, its processing, is a recent story mixing group causes with individual behaviour. It is perhaps an old story whose roots are much deeper and solid than it seems to be at first sight. Here we are interested in those deeper causes, obviously without pretending to offer miracle solutions, but to make the world react and think about this serious phenomenon showing the world is going wrong. Perhaps this thought could engender sustainable solutions.