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With the help of partners/curators, we can move on and create what was in our minds.

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Founded in 1998 by two nutritionists
The laboratory THERASCIENCE, specialized in research, the processing and the making of nutritional supplement and dietician products, has quickly succeed to be one of the leader on the market of nutrition.

Health Preventhealthprevent

Research, development and distribution of health products/goods, medical devices and technical solutions in order to improve taking care of the patient, to improve the staff working conditions and to maximize time and cost effects.



Founded in 1997 by involved people passionated about natural medicines, SYNPHONAT is innovating and offering diverse nutritional solutions. It contributes to a natural approach of the health planned to rebuild and preserve our psychological and physiological balance.
Convinced therapists are a key role in a holistic approach of the health, included in its preventive aspect, SYNPHONAT usually distributes its products through health practitioners’ advice.
Giving the chance to everyone a natural health solution, by respecting the individual and the environment, is the aim that SYNPHONAT is daily targeting.


“Vitality recovered thanks to the magneto therapy by the electro-magnetic pulsed rays.”
“Pain is not a fatality”



Compalia has chosen as a mission the elaboration of food supplements adapted to individual naturals needs stated by health professionals.
They are initiating and controlling the different steps that lead raw material to finished products. They are both using high technologies and traditional methods that already have proved their efficiency



Now obesity has become a global curse. The consequences on health are worrying. The prior aim of the international community is to struggle against responsible food drifts.
The laboratory AXONE has invested in R&D with university researchers, doctors, pharmacologists, and food engineers to elaborate specific and exclusive products clinically proven.
AXONE yet is involved in medical trainings dedicated to doctors. They are trained for protein diets and micro nutrition AXODIET. They have several tools to improve their knowledge perfectly.


DBAM is a renting company, specialized in sound material and control room. Thanks to its support Tous Gros Demain is currently using micros and high quality sounds on stage. Special thanks to Pierrick!

Nantes event’s

After a few years of entertainment and djing, a young student from the city of Nantes full of dynamism decided to launch his own company Nantes Event’s. It is all brand new with a bright future, opened to every private or public, and cultural or sportive event.
So, thank you Pierre for helping us every time you can for the photos, videos and sound effects..!



Insudiet is a French laboratory for now 23years and try with its competences to develop individual nutrition solutions advised by doctors. Convinced as many experts that a successful loss of weight is only possible with a medical follow-up such as an individual nutritional program, food advice adapted to the health situation and habits of consumption of everyone, emotional management to understand better the causes of overweight and to go over the eventual difficulties to lose weight or to stop the increase. Insudiet is greatly involved in the training of doctors with a global approach of overweight combining customs and nutrition. This way around 1500 doctors are now using this method in France. Customs nutrition allows people involved to get back to a more appropriate weight, according to health and to change their habits sustainably.